Make Reservations at Atlantic Standard Restaurant and Bar
Came to Atlantic Standard last night for the grand opening with a group of 6. Ordered a few different appetizers; shrimp & grits, muscles, tuna pizza, and steak tar tar. All the apps were delicious. I had the hanger steak for my main course. Cooked to perfection and tender enough to cut with a butter knife. My wife had the salmon which she was raving about. Reading a recent post giving the restaurant one star based on service is a crime. I also had a wait for my food but I understand they are just starting out. Give the restaurant a break, its only been open for a week. I will take great food over great service any day of the week. The restaurant obviously is a work in progress as they don't have anything hung on the walls yet. Give the restaurant a try and you can thank me later.
Shawn S.
Berkley Heights, NJ


Atlantic Standard Restaurant and Bar
This has been so many restaurants so we were a little skeptic. AWESOME. Had some appetizers at the bar since we were not sure how the food would be. Spoke to the owner and he suggested the tuna pizza. Never had anything like it--crispy rice and fresh tuna. Amazing. We then decided on dinner--tuna and a chicken confit salad. tuna was tuna loin and was cooked to perfection. Salad was also great--not drenched with dressing--but tossed with the right amount. It was fresh-crispy-tasty--never had anything like it. We then decided on dessert--not a fan of lava cake but tried it anyway--I am now a fan of THEIR lava cake. --a place worth trying and not to be disappointed by.
Jean K.


Atlantic Standard Restaurant Pork Chop